Friday, February 26, 2010

Attention Bargain Shoppers!

Okay, so I don't have one those helpful bargain blogs that list all the great deals you can find at stores -- but I am definitely one of those people that visit those blogs pretty often.  So I felt it was my duty to pay it forward and share with you some amazing deals I ran into earlier this week -- by accident.

So where I work, we find all kinds of reasons to play games and buy each other presents (teachers and staff).  Right now we're doing a Secret Snowman kind of thing.  The person I have to buy gifts for is very artsy, loves to quilt, and stuff like that, so I was excited because of all the fun things I could buy for her.  So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit the new JoAnn's fabric store that recently opened in my area.  I see JoAnn's deals all over my favorite bargain Web sites, so of course I had some coupons ready to go!  Well, I left them at home this day.  :-(  When the girl at the cash register told me that she didn't have any extras, I just decided I'd buy my person a gift card so that she could go find some good deals on her own.  (Note:  If I work with you and you've figured out who my person is, please pretend you know nothimg.  I don't think I've ever told this person about my blog, so I'm hoping she will never see -- or hear about -- this.  :-)

Since I had no real luck at JoAnn's, I decided to stop at the Hancock Fabrics store in the same area (this game consists of multiple small gifts over a period of weeks).  Now I've passed by Hancock Fabrics a million times and have never been inside. So I go in and look for some quilting stuff and notice some holiday decor (Christmas, Thanksgiving -- even Halloween) on some shelves nearby.  Me knowing it's February, I was very curious to see how much the stuff was marked down.  Half price wasn't going to be enough for me to fork over the dough (especially since that's probably what they sell it for when it's in season).  And 75% wouldn't be enough for me, either, because that's too close to half (regular) price.  But the deals were way better than this.

Since I've managed to make a short story long, allow me to show you what I left out of there with! Ta-da:

Okay, okay!  It looks like a lot of junk in this pic I'm sure, but this stuff is cute!   Yeah, I know they look like little what-nots, but they're actually pretty nice in size.  Compare them to our couch in the background.     These prices were a STEAL, y'all.  Check this out:

(If you can't see the marked down price, click the picture to get the full-version.) 

I loved having my living room decorated for the holidays this past year, and now I have more to add!  Here are a few closeups of my newly acquired stuff.

These snowmen were adorable.  I got two big ones and two little ones.  A snowfamily!

And these crosses are nice and study.

I'm not a crafty person, so I had no idea Hancock Fabrics was a huge chain.  Once I realized this fact, I decided I HAD to share it on my blog for all you other frugal folks out there.  And obviously you may go to your local Hancock and they look at you like you're crazy when you ask where's the leftover holiday stuff. LOL.  After all, it IS almost March.  But it's worth a try.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Most folks that post this stuff to their blog also put how much money they saved and all that good stuff.  So here goes:

The retail price of all this merchandise was $310.  How much did I pay?

  !!    $30    !!

Yep, the stuff was over 90% off.  I feel like Rocky!

Have a great weekend, everybody!  If you're in Birmingham, stop by the Hancock Fabrics near the Galleria! :)


  1. You are a champ!! I love a good bargain like this. I get super excited to find things when they are on sale like this... and what cute stuff you got!! Love it!!

  2. I love all the new decor! That is seriously a good deal.. I get so excited when I find something I want really on sale. I saw your carseat question a couple comments back.. we still haven't turned Delaney around yet because she doesn't weigh 20lbs yet.. we are at about 18lb 10oz so about a pound and a half left. He told us the same thing though to try and keep her backwards until two but like you said I bet it would be so fun to have them forwards where you can see them and they can see you! I will probably just turn her around at 20lb if she makes it there before two! Anyway I hope you guys had a great weekend and I want some new pics of Mo she is so cute!


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