Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lion King, YoGabbaGabba, and Things My Kid Says

Okay, I guess I'm on a roll with this blogging-once-a-week thing.  I blog and then I look back up and it's a week later.  Goodness.

We've been good.  Busy, as usual.

Over the weekend, Morgan got to hang out with her cousins.  We met up with Mama and the girls at the movies Saturday to see Lion King 3D.  I heard it was coming out, but I didn't realize it was last weekend (and that it would only be out for two weeks).  I couldn't pass up the chance to see one of my own favorite childhood movies (I was 11 when it came out -- how time flies) with my own little girl.

I was skeptical since we only made it through half the last movie we saw, but I was determined to try again.

Popcorn before the movie = perfect distraction.

It ended up being about the same -- we made it about halfway through before she got antsy.  But I had my mom to help me out with her, so we actually stayed until the end.  As far as how she liked the movie, she loved the 3D thing and glasses, of course.  She recognized the songs, too.  I've had some Lion King songs on her playlist since she was a tiny baby, so it was funny to see her make the connection (she had no clue the movie existed).

I was also a little skeptical about the movie because it was smack dab in the middle of nap time (recipe for drama).  But it ended up working out fine.  She fell asleep on the way home (after also sulking in disappointment because she couldn't go with Mama and the girls).

It was a perfect little outing.

She also got to see some YoGabbaGabba characters over the weekend.

Our local Babies R Us/Toys R Us just revamped their store, so they had the characters in for the Re-Grand Opening.  Morgan was SO thrilled to see Brobee!

And Foofa.

So much that she didn't take her eyes off of them.  Not even when she stopped to see Geoffrey. She didn't pay poor ol' Geoffrey any attention.  And he's the only one in the bunch who actually sends her birthday cards.

And Kung Fu Panda wasn't getting any love either. (Still looking at Foofa.)

Anyway, she was SO excited when saw them across the store.  I think she's totally forgotten that she's met the whole YGG crew before, including DJ Lance.  So thankful for pictures.

Anyway, it was a great weekend.  I actually relaxed a little and got some things done.

Also, I said I would start recording some of the stuff Morgan says.  The stuff I remember anyway.  Here are some recent things:

Our conversation on the way to school one morning:

Morgan: Mommy, look at that!

Me: What do you see, Morgan?

Morgan: It’s the moon! (She's always been fascinated with seeing the moon in daylight.)

Me: Wow, it sure is!

Morgan: Mommy, let’s go there.

Me: Go where, Morgan?

Morgan: To the moon!

Me: Okay, well, we’d need a rocket ship. And we don’t have a rocket ship, so we’d have to buy one.
Morgan: Mommy, let’s go buy a rocket ship.

Me: Well, do you have money for a rocket ship?

Morgan: Umm, nope! *A few seconds later:* Ummm, maybe it’s at Honey’s house! ("Honey" is Danny's mom.)

Me: Haha, okay. Well, I guess we could buy a rocket ship.

Morgan: Mommy, let’s go buy the rocket ship.

Me: Well, Morgan, the rocket ship store is far away. We’ll have to go later.

Morgan: Okay.

Morgan: *A few seconds later, talking to herself in a sing-songy voice.* Goooooing to the rocket ship store. We’re alllllllllmost there.

Me: Um, Morgan, we’re almost at school. You have to go to school today. We’ll have to go to the rocket ship store another day.

Morgan: Oooooookaaay.


At a restaurant:

Morgan:  Hey, Mommy!

Me:  Yes, Babe?

Morgan:  Where's the daddy flag?

Me:  Ummmm....*Looking around trying to figure out what she's talking about...then I notice the restaurant is flying a little flag and a big flag.  Tickled because the big flag is automatically a Mommy flag.*  Oh, I don't know, Babe...where do you think the daddy flag is?

Morgan:  Ummm, he must be at work!


On the way to school one morning:

Morgan:  Awww, she's sad.

Me:  Who's sad, Morgan?

Morgan:  The car. The car needs a tissue.

Me:  *Realizing that she's talking about rain pouring down the car windows.*  Oh, you're right, babe, the car is crying.  She's okay, though.  She doesn't need a tissue.


This one was of those days I was up to my nose with stuff to do and was running on very little sleep.  And one of those days Morgan was bouncing off the walls basically.  She did something to scare me (she's so rough!) and I yelled at her.  I immediately felt bad and told her:

Me:  Morgan, Mommy's sorry she was ugly and yelled, okay?

Morgan:  Okay.

A few seconds later...
Morgan:  Mommy, you're ugly.

It took everything in me not to laugh until I cried.  Especially since she looked at me with that guilty look like she KNEW that wasn't a nice thing to say.


When it's nearing bed time, I start singing this little song I made up -- especially if Morgan gets cranky and starts misbehaving. It's almost like it's my warning to her.  It goes like this:

It's about that time...*Insert beat boxing.*
It's about that time... *Insert beat boxing.*

And repeat.

Well, she responded one day with own version:

It's time to play...*Insert beat boxing*
It's time to play...*Insert beat boxing*

I could have died.

And then when I told her something like, "No, ma'am, it's bed time..." 

She told me: "Mommy, just relax."  (Something I tell her when she gets too antsy about something.)


Speaking of bed time, tonight, she called me from her room and told me she had to potty. 

After we went to potty, she told me, "Mommy, I had a good nap."  Something we always say after nap or after getting up in the morning.  That meant she thought she would be staying up

So I said, "Um, no, babe, you're going back to bed."

Morgan:  Mommy, I"ll go to bed next week.

Me (so tickled):  No, babe, you're going to bed right now.

*Insert mini-tantrum.*


One night at bedtime, after the usual story, hugs, kisses, and I Love Yous, I start walking out her bedroom door:

Morgan:  Mommy! I love you!

Me: I love you, too, Morgan. *Walking toward the door.*

Morgan:  *Blows kiss.*

Me:  *Blowing a kiss back and closing the door.*

Morgan:  "Mommy!" *Trying to get one more thing in before I close the door.*

Me:  "Yes, Babe?*

Morgan:  ROLL TIDE!



And there are so many others -- I can't keep up.  She has the funniest responses and explanations for things.  I can't believe the conversatios I have when I'm talking to my 2.75-year-old.  Kids are a whole lot smarter than I gave them credit for (in my pre-mommy years).  If I'm having a long, busy day, I can definitely count on my toddler to say or do something to make me chuckle.

Good times.

I hope everyone's having a great week!

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